Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reasons for my blog....

And so I've taken the plunge. That absurdly, insane thought that blog writers get that makes us believe that you, the everlasting admiring public wants to hear what we have to say.

But, of course, I do have something to say.

Travel, teaching, drinking, eating, movies, reading. When I read a blog, these are the things I read about and search for, and actually many give me inspiration to do certain things. For instance, Solo Travel Society has encouraged me to take risks by traveling to Colombia alone (as a non-Spanish speaker I might add)

I have learned about new angles in photographs, Instagram, Off the beaten path areas of the world, recipes, about books I should read and movies I shouldn't see.

And I've learned about people and places and my list of where I should go and what I need to see and do in this lifetime keeps growing.

So, my reasons for writing this blog are  to continue to be a part of an ever changing environment of lifelong learners and engage in a community of like-minded people who benefit from ideas, suggestions, discourse on a wide range of topics.

My goal is to write mostly about travel, however I don't travel nearly enough as I would like, so posts would be too intermittent. So I will probably throw in some other random minutiae of my life. I hope to encourage, expose, express and enlighten.

This is my first ever blog post. Be kind


  1. I look forward to sharing your journey.

    Beso...Love, World Travel and Lessons Learned.