Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Photo Essay - Oaxaca, Mexico

My favorite photo from Oaxaca- Looking out onto the street from the Market- Street Scene in the rain
The colors of Oaxaca 
The state of Oaxaca, Mexico awakens the senses. The colors of the architecture, of the people, of the freshness of the food trip up the eyes. Have you really ever seen something so red? Has the sky ever really been that blue? I might believe that the color green never existed before I had seen those tomatillos. 
It is the birthplace of Mexican cuisine, and the perfect place to take a cooking class. The markets ooze with the aromas of perfect tomatoes, dried chilis of every level of heat, and the freshness of chickens still fresh in their feathers. 
The traditional art lines the streets, in the manner of all sorts of wares for sale, graffiti, and, and street food, for the food itself is an art. But the artisans, and their traditional means of transforming the earth's ingredients into perfect pieces of clothing, or jewelry, or pottery is ancient, and inspiring.
I have a penchant for doors and doorways and for people. Here is a small sampling of some of the fantastic scenes of Oaxaca. 

Door Knockers 

A rainy day at the Zocalo

How fresh did you want those fish? 

or that chicken? 

or those grasshoppers? 

or those peppers?  

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